MCA Members Raise $60,000 to Support FDNY

On June 11th, MCA members came together for a sun-filled day of golf, dinner, and raffles, all while raising money for charity. Beyond simply taking a day out for contractors and associate members to enjoy one another’s company, the members’ combined efforts helped the 2018 MCA Charity Golf Outing raise $60,000 to support the Lt. Michael Davidson’s Children’s Educational Fund and FDNY Foundation.

FDNY Chief Joseph Woznica and FDNY Foundation Executive Director Jean O’Shea were on hand to accept this impressive contribution. The MCA was pleased to support the Foundation’s mission to promote fire and life safety education and help the FDNY better protect New York. With $50,000 of the contribution earmarked for the Lt. Davidson’s Children’s Fund, your support will go directly to the family of a fallen FDNY firefighter. Lt. Davidson will be remembered for his heroic life in service to New York.

The MCA would like to thank the contractors and associate members that came together to enjoy a great day on the course and support a truly worthy cause.


Fire Pump Seminar a Flowing Success!

On June 9th, the New York Fire Sprinkler Council sponsored a sold out one-day seminar on fire pumps at the Chubb Loss Control Training Center located in Warren, New Jersey. Attendees spent the day obtaining a working knowledge of automatic fire pumps.

Fire Pump Training

The seminar included lecture instruction, demonstrations, technical exercises, group discussions and hands-on activities, including identifying fire pump accessories and critical components, activation of electric and diesel fire pumps, performing an annual fire pump test as specified by NFPA 25, verification of fire pump performance using a digital voltmeter and ammeter and evaluating and graphing fire pump test results. Review of the seminar were overwhelmingly positive. The Council will look to hold additional seminars at the Chubb facility in the near future.

Fire Pump Seminar


Nassau County Fire Marshal’s Office Announces Test Dates

The Nassau County Fire Marshal’s Office has released its’ summer and fall 2016 Certificate of Fitness test dates. The test dates are August 23, September 20, October 18, November 22 and December 20. Applicants can register for either the Certificate of Fitness Type 1 Test (for Installing Contractors) or Type 2 (for employees performing inspection, testing and maintenance).

Sprinkler Head

There is limited seating for each test date. Applicants must pre-register to take any of the above tests. To register, send an email to: NCFMTesting@nassaucountyny.gov You must include your name, the date of the test you wish to take and the COF TYPE of test. You will receive confirmation by return email.

Click here for more information on the Sprinkler COF Test Dates 2016.


Following deadly year, New York continues to underscore its home fire problem. Is your state doing the same?

Published in NFPA

Following deadly year, New York continues to underscore its home fire problem. Is your state doing the same?
By Fred Durso January 19, 2018

We recently published commentary from Jerry DeLuca, a New York safety advocate, about two home fires in two days that killed eight people in his state. Other advocates have been equally vocal about similar tragedies occurring there this month.

A Bronx residential fire killing 13 people in December was deemed the deadliest fire in New York City within the past 27 years. “There has never been a multiple loss of life in any structure protected with a properly installed and maintained fire sprinkler system,” stated John A. Viniello, former president of the National Fire Sprinkler Association, in a recent letter to the editor. “This omission [of fire sprinklers in residences] continues to result in lives lost. The city’s fire department…was on the Bronx fire scene within three minutes, yet people died.

“How much higher does the body count have to get before proactive fire sprinkler legislation is enacted? These deadly fires will continue unless wisdom prevails and the codes are updated.”

Fire fatalities last year in New York City rose 35 percent when compared to fire deaths in 2016, reports the New York Fire Sprinkler Council, an advocacy group that’s a division of the Mechanical Contractors Association of New York. While the city has consistently expanded sprinkler requirements, “it is clear the city still has a long way to go in protecting all residents with fire sprinklers,” says Anthony Saporito, executive vice president of the Mechanical Contractors Association of New York. Per the council, New York City hasn’t passed a law improving fire sprinkler safety in residential buildings since 1999.

Are you and the sprinkler advocates in your state just as vocal about your home fire problem? Help raise awareness–constantly–about these tragedies by writing your own letter to the editor or commentary to your local media outlets. Just a couple paragraphs will suffice. Use NFPA’s data or statewide data (if available) to back your reasoning for home fire sprinkler requirements.



London Fire Worries New York City Residents

In the aftermath of the Grenfell fire in West London, many New Yorkers wonder, could a similar fire happen in New York City?  MCA President Timothy Bowe discusses the importance of fire sprinkler systems with reporters from WPIX channel 11 and NBC News 4.

NBC 4 NY: After-Devastating-London-Fire-Are-NYC-High-Rises-Safe?



WPIX: At least 6 Dead in West London residential tower inferno.



New York City Buildings Department Imposes New “Fitness” Requirement for Licensees

As per a DOB Service Notice published April 2017, effective June 5, 2017, all applicants for initial and renewal New York City Master Fire Suppression Piping Contractor, Master Plumber and Oil Burning Equipment Installer license types will be required to provide proof of fitness to the New York City Department of Buildings to perform the work authorized by the relevant license. Original applicants will be required to submit DOB form LIC61 completed by a physician upon submission of background investigation documents and a completed LIC61 application will be required for every subsequent renewal.

Fitness Requirement

The Mechanical Contractors Association of New York along with several other industry trade associations has requested a meeting with the Department and is asking for the Department to repeal this requirement. We will advise you of the outcome of our efforts.


Home Fires – More Common than You Might Think

Did you know that 1 in 8 people have experienced a home fire? This past February The Hartford conducted an online survey of 1153 adults living in the United States.  Their findings may surprise you!  Ranked by the Hartford Home Fire Index, New York City comes in 14th of the top 100 U.S. cities with the highest home fire risk. Leaving items such as a cell phone charging overnight can put you at risk. The biggest culprit is electrical fires followed by unattended cooking/stovetops and candles.Junior Fire Marshal

Download The Hartford’s Junior Fire Marshal Infographic PDF


The Important Legacy of the Triangle and Happy Land Fires

On March 9th, the Commercial Observer published an opinion piece by MCA Executive Vice President Tony Saporito about remembering the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire and the Happy Land Social Club fire. As Tony writes in this piece:Triangle Shirtwaist

“As we remember the innocent lives lost, it is crucial that we also remember the lessons learned that have likely helped prevent future tragedies. The Triangle and Happy Land fires forever changed our city’s building codes, as well as its health and safety laws, helping to make our homes, workplaces, and public establishments significantly safer.”

“Landmark labor, building and workplace safety laws were implemented in the decades following the Triangle fire. Among the codes and regulations enacted after that tragedy was the requirement of exit stairwells, fire alarms, extinguishers, hoses and in tall buildings, automatic fire sprinklers.”

Read the The Important Legacy of the Triangle and Happy Land Fires


NYC DOB Continues DOB NOW Rollout

The Department of Buildings continues to roll out DOB NOW, an interactive, web-based portal that will enable LMFSCs, owners, and other professionals to do all business with DOB online saving time and improving access to information.

Available Now:

  • DOB NOW Public Portal for searching building characteristics and DOB NOW job filings
  • DOB NOW: Safety for Facades for compliance
  • DOB NOW: Build for Plumbing, Sprinklers, and Standpipe job filings

As of January 17th, applicants are able to submit Standpipe job filings in DOB NOW: Build. Later this Spring, supporting document functionality and waiver or deferral requests for supporting documents will be made available in DOB NOW: Build for Standpipe. FAQs are available for more information on DOB NOW: Build for Plumbing, Sprinkler, and Standpipe job filings, and the DOB NOW: Public Portal. Questions or comments can be sent to dobnowsupport@buildings.nyc.gov.


Mechanical Contractors Credit Team Work For Record Drop In Fire Deaths

The following article is courtesy rew-online.com.

2016 was the Big Apple’s safest year in terms of fire fatalities, according to the FDNY.Sprinklers Prevent Fire Deaths

The world’s busiest fire department reported 48 fire-related deaths, the lowest number since the city began recordkeeping in 1916.

It represents a 19 percent decline over the 2015 numbers, and a 17 percent drop from the previous record low of 58 fire-related deaths in 2012. The FDNY also reported a nine percent reduction in “serious fires.”

“We pushed ourselves to save even more lives in 2016 – embarking on a life-saving citywide smoke alarm program that has reached tens of thousands of homes – and we’ve seen the outstanding results with a historic 100-year low for fire fatalities in our city,” said Fire Department of New York Commissioner Daniel Nigro.

“I’m very proud of all our fire and EMS members who worked hard this year to achieve this historic milestone, and – as we enter a new year – we commit again to doing all we can to protect, serve and educate New Yorkers to keep them safe from fire.”

In addition to the significant and commendable work of the FDNY, fire sprinkler systems have also had a tremendous life and property savings impact in New York City. According to the National Fire Protection Association, water-based fire protection systems reduce fire deaths by 82 percent and property damage by 68 percent.

“The co-ordinated efforts among the FDNY, its inspection unit and the unionized fire suppression contracting industry have succeeded in achieving life-saving results,ˮ said Anthony Saporito, executive vice president of Mechanical Contractors Association of New York.

“Aggressive improvements to fire code and public safety laws following the Happy Land Social Club fire in 1990, two deadly high-rise fires in 1998 and the Deutsche Bank fire in 2007 have collectively led to landmark changes which continue to save lives today.”

Passed in 1973, New York City Local Law 5 mandated that all high-rise office buildings in New York City that exceed 100 feet tall have a sprinkler system or pressurized and compartmentalized stairwells.

This legislation followed two fatal 1970 office building fires which resulted in five fatalities and dozens of injuries. That year, the city had 310 fire related deaths. Since then, there has been a gradual and significant 85 percent reduction in fire fatalities leading to this year’s record numbers.

In 1999, Local Law 10 was passed, mandating the installation of fire sprinklers in all newly constructed multifamily dwellings with three or more units.

It also applied to existing buildings undergoing alterations or renovations with costs totaling more than 50% of its value, and established stricter inspection and maintenance standards.

“Sprinklers have repeatedly proved to save lives and reduce property damage, even before the Fire Department arrives on the scene. If trapped in a fire today, a victim has only about three minutes to get out because modern fires grow incredibly toxic and hot in just a matter of minutes,” said Patrick Dolan, Steamfitters Local 638 President.

According to Underwriters Laboratories, fires today are more toxic and burn 800 percent faster because of petroleum-based synthetics in newer furnishings.

This illustrates how important close coordination between New York City property owners, the unionized mechanical contracting industry and the FDNY now more than ever. “The record low number of fire fatalities indicates that New York City has continually worked to improve conditions for every generation. That’s what makes the Big Apple a national leader in fire safety,” said Robert Bartels, Jr., Steamfitters Local 638 Business Agent at Large.