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The Greater New York Welding Chapter (GNYWC) provides a variety of useful resources and industry updates to members. As a member of the chapter, you have access to over 100 welding and brazing procedure specifications (WPSs and BPSs) that are qualified to ASME Section IX and are available for immediate use on piping without further qualifications. Members also have access to the certifications of the welders that have been tested and qualified to these procedures. Testing has been standardized and test information is stored in a national database, making it easy to find a welder. These qualifications can easily be interchanged from one member contractor to another to save time and money.

2014 NYC Mechanical Code Updates

Please be advised that all jobs filed prior to the 2014 New York City Mechanical Code will follow the 2008 New York City Mechanical Code in regards to Welder Requalification. This means that all Welders are required to be re-qualified every 3 years.

However, any job filed on or after December 31, 2014 will be following the 2014 New York City Mechanical Code. The new Code requires that all Welders are to be re-qualified every 5 years as opposed to 3.

Additionally, welders following either 2008 or 2014 code are required to maintain continuity every 6 months in between test dates.
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