COVID-19 Resources

While we know it is hard to keep track of the flood of information and emails, we wanted to take a moment to remind you of some resources out there. The MCA has compiled a list of resources that will be regularly updated in an effort to help our members at this time. (These resources are provided as additional information, and we would encourage you to consult your legal, financial, and accounting professionals for guidance.):

  1. MCAA’s COVID-19 Resource Center

MCAA’s has maintained an up-to-date resource center with industry webinars, safety topics, legislative analysis, and more. We encourage you to check this site frequently for information relevant to your organization. We’d also like to bring your attention to a recent post FAQs on Eligibility for Paycheck Protection Program, which highlights concerns for companies that may need to take action by May 7th. Companies that received PPP loans should review these regular updates to maintain compliance and ensure your ability to convert the loan into a grant.

  1. Lindabury, McCormick, Estabrook, & Cooper, P.C.

In addition to maintaining their own resource center with articles and updates related to the pandemic, Lindabury has prepared the two documents attached to this email as a guide for contractors addressing questions of COVID-19 related leave.

  1. Grassi Advisors & Accountants

Grassi has been providing regular analysis and guidance on everything from PPP loan forgiveness to strategies to maximize benefits of tax code changes. In addition to many documents and briefs, their resouce center includes links to past and upcoming webinars covering many of these important topics.

  1. Welby, Brady, & Greenblatt, LLP

Welby, Brady, & Greenblatt has also provided quite a few useful legal alerts and briefs that may be relevant to your business. You can look through their site to get a sense of the information available, but here are a few legal alerts as an example:

As mentioned, we know many of you are inundated with emails and information. Above are just some of the resources available.  Please let us know if you have questions or concerns navigating these resources, or if you think of something that is currently not available but would better help you and your organization navigate these challenging times.