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Joining the MCA

Joining the MCA

Contractor Membership

Our members install the mechanical and sprinkler equipment systems in residential buildings, manufacturing facilities, power plants, factories, hospitals, schools, office buildings and other commercial industrial and institutional structures. Through the installation of these systems our members provide building environments with a comfortable, protected and functional atmosphere. Follow this link to see who Our Members are.

If you are interested in joining our Association, download the MCA Membership Application (PDF) and return the completed form to our office so that we may process it as soon as possible.

Our dues are calculated at eleven cents per steamfitting hour with a minimum of $687.50 per quarter. You are required to submit $2,750 advance dues payment with the application. This Association pays your dues to our national affiliate, the Mechanical Contractors Association of America. Also, by virtue of your Mechanical Contractors Association membership you become a member of the Building Trades Employers’ Association of New York.

Who is eligible to join?
Any firm engaged in business in New York City and/or Long Island, employing labor obtained under agreements entered into by the Association shall be eligible for membership.

How Much does it cost?
Dues are currently calculated at $0.11 (11 cents) per each hour worked by Local 638 Construction Branch Member in the applicant’s employ. Minimum dues are based on 25,000 hours per year, and assessed at $687.50 per quarter.

Associate Membership

Additionally, The Mechanical Contractors Association of New York is accepts applicants for Associate Membership. The associate category of membership is designed for suppliers, manufacturers representatives, financial advisors, insurance companies and others who do business with the mechanical and sprinkler industries. The MCA hosts a dinner meetings of mechanical and sprinkler contractors throughout the year. This dinner is a great opportunity for Associate Members to meet and socialize with mechanical and sprinkler contractor firms, their principals, project managers and other key staff. There has never been a better opportunity to get connected with New York’s leading mechanical and sprinkler contractors.

As an Associate Member you will be entitled to attend the following functions.

  • MCA Membership Meetings
  • MCAA Annual Convention
  • Educational Seminars
  • Trade Show
  • Golf Outings

The annual dues for an associate member are $3,000.

Contact Us

Interested in Joining? Leave us a note and we will get back to you to discuss membership.
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