MCA New York held its first membership meeting of the new year on January 22nd and was pleased to be joined by Patrick Dolan, President of Local 638, and Scott Roche, the Business Agent-at-Large. Timothy Bowe, MCA President and President of ABCO Peerless Sprinkler Corp., began the evening with a moment of silence to recognize the passing of Marvin Kalisch of Kalisch-Jarcho. Mr. Kalisch remained once of the most active members in the MCA, and through his knowledge and kindness became a pillar in the industry.

Following the moment of silence, Mr. Bowe welcomed Local 638’s leaders to address the membership. Pat Dolan thanked the contractors and MCA for their partnership with the union and looks forward to labor and management continuing to work to solve problems together. President Dolan also mentioned that the MCA and Local 638 continue to use the recently extended Residential Agreements to take back work from non-union contractors. Contractors were encouraged to try and use these supplements when possible.

Scott Roche, recently elected as Business Agent-at-Large, stated that he is looking forward trying to advance the union mechanical industry in his new role. Through consistent and open communication, Mr. Roche is hoping contractors are comfortable seeing Local 638 as a resource and ally for getting more work.

Wrapping up the meeting, the association updated membership on upcoming events as well as some changes to the safety regulations in Local Law 196. We look forward to seeing everyone at the Annual Meeting on March 26th!