The Department of Buildings continues to roll out DOB NOW, an interactive, web-based portal that will enable LMFSCs, owners, and other professionals to do all business with DOB online saving time and improving access to information.

Available Now:

  • DOB NOW Public Portal for searching building characteristics and DOB NOW job filings
  • DOB NOW: Safety for Facades for compliance
  • DOB NOW: Build for Plumbing, Sprinklers, and Standpipe job filings

As of January 17th, applicants are able to submit Standpipe job filings in DOB NOW: Build. Later this Spring, supporting document functionality and waiver or deferral requests for supporting documents will be made available in DOB NOW: Build for Standpipe. FAQs are available for more information on DOB NOW: Build for Plumbing, Sprinkler, and Standpipe job filings, and the DOB NOW: Public Portal. Questions or comments can be sent to