As a reminder, Section of the Nassau County Fire Marshal’s Office requires that all tests shall be performed in the presence of the Fire Marshal by the RME of the firm, however the Nassau County Fire Marshal will allow a Type 1 Certificate of Fitness holder to request permission to be represented by other person familiar with the project, but acceptance of the request is up to the discretion of the individual Fire Marshal witnessing the test. The request must be per job, in writing, identifying the representative he/she requests to be present at the inspection. A ‘blanket’ permission will not be issued, and it will be more difficult to obtain future substitution approvals following an inspection failure. In most cases, the testing should be scheduled for a date and time when the RME is available.

Certificate of Fitness Testing is held on the first Thursday of each month at the Nassau County Public Safety Center located at 1194 Prospect Avenue, Westbury, in room 103 on the first floor.

Download the Certificate of Fitness Testing for 2017 PDF.

The Fire Marshal’s Office does not  have a dedicated telephone line to update contractors on weather conditions that preclude FDC functionality testing. If a contractor believes the weather will present a freezing or safety hazard, they may contact Paul Hartje at (516) 573-9913 to postpone the test to another date.