Following the September SUNY Purchase Campus fire, there has been an increased focus on college campus housing that lacks fire sprinkler protection. MCA Executive Vice President Anthony Saporito was quoted in a recent Real Estate Weekly article stating, “Laws requiring New York colleges to simply notify students of whether fire sprinklers are installed will not stop an actual fire from happening. It is time for the state to go further and require that all student housing in New York State have fire sprinklers that will protect our young people, who are the next generation being groomed to lead our nation.” The story was also picked up by the New York Real Estate Journal.


John Prodramakis of Evolution Piping, speaking on behalf of the New York Fire Sprinkler Council, interviewed with the MidHudsonNews about the need for fire sprinklers in all college housing. MidHudsonNews is part of the radio broadcast that goes out to about 16 stations in the Hudson Valley and sometimes used by WAMC, which broadcasts many areas upstate. The story aired on, WNKY in Kingston, WHVW in Poughkeepsie, WALL in Middletown (7 transmitters across the Mid-Hudson), WJZZ in Montgomery (with 7 transmitters across the region) and ELV in Poughkeepsie and Ellenville.