DOB NYCThe DOB NOW Build launch on July 25th will only include sprinkler and plumbing filings, therefore the Department of Buildings offers the following information for the filing of combined systems:

For combined systems, the plumbing and/or sprinkler work type may be filed in DOB NOW and the associated standpipe work type could be filed in BIS. You should note in the comment section on the PW1 (Section 24) that you are filing a plumbing or sprinkler work type as part of DOB NOW. In addition, if you first file in eFiling or in the borough office, you can connect your job in DOB NOW to a recently filed job by entering the associated job number(s) in Section 8 (Additional Information) of the PW1 section in DOB NOW. You can enter up to five job numbers in this section. You may use the same set of plans in DOB NOW that you submit in eFiling or in the borough office. You will need to complete a PW3 for work that is filed in eFiling or in a borough office and a separate PW3 for the plumbing or sprinkler work that is filed in DOB NOW.

The Buildings Department is working to deploy standpipe applications next in DOB NOW. A launch date will be announced shortly.  They are tentatively targeting early fall this year.