We are pleased to announce that Local 638 and MCA have signed two new Supplements to the United Association National Agreement for Residential Construction. One covers up to 12 Stories and 200,000 square feet and one covers up to 30 stories residential and up to 40 stories hospitality and 300,000 square feet.

30 Stories Residential Agreement

Local 638 will utilize and administer use of their Target Fund for the up to 30 stories and Hospitality up to 40 stories supplement, and contractors should contact Local 638 to inquire about the Target Fund procedure. All contractors must submit the “Notice of Intent to Use Local Union 638 Addendum to the United Association Residential Agreement” Form, for all work bid under these supplements. Additionally, contractors should contact the Steamfitters Industry Fund Office to discuss the proper remittance form for work under the supplements.

These supplements will assist our industry in an effort to recapture and increase market share in the Residential Market that has been lost to non-union forces.

We believe that an aggressive approach towards bidding the work that the supplements cover will yield great benefits for signatory contractors and Local 638. We encourage you to bid those projects and make every effort to win back this market.